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Carrier Safety

Subscribe to receive support on all matters safety - New drivers, operations, DOT regulations, DOT Audits, Hours-of-service training, and more.

International Fuel Tax Agreement - IFTA

Accurate and timely IFTA filings ensure correct financial payments and help avoid auditory issues down the road. Reach a dedicated IFTA expert today.

International Registration Plan - IRP

Our experts can simplify IRP matters large and small. Master Safety & Permits LLC is a licensed remitter with the IL Secretary of State's office.

IRS 2290

Using secure internal software, we accurately calculate 2290 tax liabilities and filings. Work with a live agent today.


Receive assistance with KYU, NYS HUT, NM WDT, and Oregon WDT permits. Special permit services such as CARB, SCAC Codes, PARS/PAPS are also available.

Yearly Account Renewals

Ensure your various permit and credential accounts are issue-free and ready for a new year of operations.