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IFTA Services

(International Fuel Tax Agreement)

Need help processing your company's quarterly IFTA? Is your IFTA account facing a difficult situation?

IFTA Services

What is IFTA?

IFTA is an international agreement between states and provinces to charge for and pay each other taxes on fuel, based on the mileage a commercial vehicle travels in a state or jurisdiction.

IFTA is required for all vehicles designed to transport people or products with a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or more, while having two or more axles.

Our IFTA experts can help take the burden off of your team when it comes to processing quarterly IFTA vehicle data. We can help ensure all fleet mileage is accounted for, all fuel data is gathered, and help report accurate information to government agencies.

Even if your IFTA account is facing adverse enforcement action, has been suspended, or undergoing an audit, an expert can advise on how to best move forward.

IFTA Services

IFTA Quarterly Tax Preparation

IFTA Quarterly Processing

IFTA data processed and liabilities or credits calculated. IFTA is reported on a per company and per vehicle basis. Call to obtain a quote.

IFTA Per Vehicle Breakdown Service

A simple report that breaks down each vehicle's individual liability or credit.

IFTA Suspended Accounts

Receive assistance to reinstate your IFTA account.

IFTA Specialty Services

IFTA Account Closure

Find out the steps needed to close or transfer an IFTA account.

IFTA Audits

Receive guidance and advise on how to move forward on an IFTA audit.

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