CVSA: International Roadcheck 2023

The CVSA International Roadcheck is now active from May 16-18.


Marcin Rogalski

5/17/20232 min read

police dot officers inspecting truck
police dot officers inspecting truck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck is an annual event that aims to promote road safety by conducting thorough inspections of commercial vehicles and their drivers. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the CVSA International Roadcheck 2023, its significance, and the impact it has on ensuring the safety and compliance of commercial vehicles on our roads.

The Purpose and Scope of International Roadcheck:

The CVSA International Roadcheck is a collaborative effort among government agencies and industry stakeholders to conduct roadside inspections of commercial vehicles. It serves as a proactive measure to identify and address potential safety violations, vehicle defects, and driver-related issues. The inspections are conducted across North America and encompass various aspects, including driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, and cargo securement.

Focus on Key Inspection Areas:

Each year, the International Roadcheck places emphasis on specific areas of inspection to promote targeted safety improvements. Today's news highlights the inspection focus for 2023, which may include topics such as electronic logging devices (ELDs), hours-of-service compliance, driver documentation, brake systems, tires, and more. By targeting these key areas, the International Roadcheck aims to address common safety concerns and ensure regulatory compliance.

The Impact on Road Safety:

The International Roadcheck plays a crucial role in improving road safety. By conducting thousands of inspections during the event, law enforcement and inspectors can identify and correct potential safety violations before they lead to accidents or further jeopardize the safety of road users. Rigorous inspections promote a culture of compliance, encouraging trucking companies and drivers to prioritize safety, maintenance, and adherence to regulations.

Industry Preparedness and Compliance:

Leading up to the International Roadcheck, trucking companies and drivers focus on ensuring their vehicles and records are in proper order. Today's news highlights the steps taken by the industry to prepare for the inspections, including vehicle maintenance checks, driver training, and record-keeping reviews. By proactively addressing potential issues, companies can enhance their compliance and demonstrate their commitment to road safety.

Continued Collaboration and Education:

The success of the International Roadcheck relies on the collaboration between law enforcement agencies, inspectors, industry organizations, and trucking companies. Beyond the event itself, ongoing education and awareness programs are essential to promote a culture of safety and compliance throughout the year. Today's news showcases the efforts made by CVSA and industry partners to provide resources, training, and guidelines that support continuous improvement in commercial vehicle safety.


The CVSA International Roadcheck 2023 is a critical event that promotes road safety and compliance within the commercial trucking industry. By conducting comprehensive inspections and focusing on key areas of concern, the International Roadcheck ensures that commercial vehicles and drivers meet the necessary safety standards. Through collaboration, education, and a commitment to continuous improvement, the trucking industry can enhance its safety practices and contribute to the overall well-being of road users. Stay informed about the CVSA International Roadcheck and its impact on road safety with our comprehensive coverage of this vital event.